Cruises depart from Star Fisheries at Captain Carlo’s Restaurant
Harbor Loop, Gloucester


Nobody else in the region has more experience working with
“our” whales than the Whale Center of New England, formerly
known as the Cetacean Research Unit.

We have more experience working with
New England’s whales than anyone else in the area.

We have been doing research work here since 1979, and
have a long long track record of publications in research
journals such as Nature, Animal Behavior, and many
others.Their work is known and respected world-wide.

The Whale Center of New England
owns and operates the only
dedicated whale research vessel
in the area. In addition to working
with Capt. Bill’s, our staff also
conducts research from their own
boat to help our understanding
of the mysterious lives of whales.

The Whale Center of New England
works on whale conservation to
protect these endangered animals.
In order to help protect whales, we
regularly work with state and federal
agencies to ensure recovery of
endangered whales and protection
of their New England habitat!


(40-50 feet long, 25 tons 
each) come to New 
England every year to 
feed on small fish eating 
over 1,000,000 calories 
per day.


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At times, whales are 
curious about us, and 
have been known to 
approach our boats, 
but we are always 
careful not to disturb 
whales by our actions.


The underside 
of each whale’s tail fluke contains distinctive markings. Shown below are just a few of our regularly seen humpbacks. Look for them on your whale watch.