A limo is a large and luxurious automobile. Canada Limo Rental is generally considered because they are elegant. People who often use them are essential, important in society, or have some status as they are usually pretty affordable.
Below are different brands in Canada Limo Rental.
Sedan Limo
It is a compact and grand vehicle that accommodates three or four passengers, which is ideal for long-distance transportation. It is mainly hired for business or corporate because it is a cost-effective limo one can choose over others.
Stretch Limo
It is a spacious stretched version used Victoria Limo Service in Canada, which means it can seat more passengers or carry more luggage. They are commonly used at weddings and other special occasions for large groups as it accommodates ten to twelve passengers. They are also featured with Audio-visual systems, LED lights, bars and others. The vehicle has a window that separates the chauffeur’s seat and the passengers, which is controlled by both (chauffeur and passengers) by the press of a button.
Limo Bus
They are also known as a party buses. It is featured a proper restroom, fully equipped bars, drinking zones and leisure sofas. It accommodates more than thirty passengers. Despite being used for transportation, their purpose is not only that but also can be used for fun and entertainment purposes. It is perfect transportation when one hosts a party on moving wheels.
Hummer Limo
It exhibits a rugged look and is often referred to as a “limo for rappers .”It is featured a flat-screen TV, sound system and a leather interior (where the rapper stays while travelling). Because of its vast capacity, it easily accommodates more than a dozen people. Its rugged appearance makes it quickly preferred to be hired by men as they can play poker on the way and have a great time before reaching their destination.
The Convertible Limo
It has an open roof surface that allows passengers to enjoy the cool breeze as it’s driven around. The roof is controlled by the remote or press of a butt, making it move in and out based on the riders’ needs.
Lincoln Limousine
It is a definition of an elegant, comfort and luxury vehicle. Due to its sturdiness that keeps its passengers secure, it is lavish. It is featured backseat entertainment systems, Wi-Fi access and an accessible restroom.
To choose what kind of limo to use, it is essential to consider what is best for one’s needs, how much privacy one wants, the number of people to be transported and their type, and finally, the intended occasion.