Are you interested in managing your own businesses?

Shopify websites is an ecommerce platform that enables you to start, improve and control your business. It is completely cloud based and hosted, meaning you need not to worry about updates or even maintenance of web servers or software. It is a platform that will give you flexibility to run your business from anywhere at any time as long as you have an  internet connection. 

This allows you to grow your business by creating and customizing an online store, selling in multiple places like mobile, web, social media, pop-up-shops and online marketplace, management of products, shipping, payments and inventories. 

How does shopify websites works? 

Shopify is an accommodated solution for businesses which runs on its own servers, and therefore you do not need any installation of software’s or buying web hosting. All you have to do is to pay a monthly fee in order to use it and you can manage your store from anyplace as long as you have access to internet and web browsers, therefore you cannot own a replica of the product. 

Here are the steps on how to go about with 

Signing up – this part includes the initial setup of your basic information that’s is email address, the stores name and physical address. After the verification of email address through the link given by shopify, you will be able to access the admin page. This is the page where you can access shopify’s marketplace and get the apps that will help you improve your ecommerce store. 

Adding your first product – shopify permit bulk products via a CSV file. Addition of products has been made easier and effective, the product loading page allows you to display and add on your online store with these basic entities: items title and images, description, pricing and quantity. 

Select a compatible shopify theme – it has free and premium themes designed to fit varied products in the market which you might need to customize your theme before selling on shopify. 

Getting products to sell on shopify – getting the right supplier is a major factor to build a reliable and trustworthy online business. 

Payment providers management – the good thing with shopify is that it offers an integrated solution for retailers as it is all inbuilt. The unlimited third-party payment getaways allows you to do what you want better. 

Preference pricing plan – making and informed buying decision based on your store needs is very important to potential scale to avoid plans that limit or exceed your needs. 

Why shopify? 

  •  Has stable webhosting 
  • Supports multichannel selling 
  • Low cost to start 
  • Marketplace has well-built Dropshipping Apps  
  • Learning curve is smooth 
  • Has optimistic dashboard for online selling 
  • It has productive point of sale technology 

In conclusion, shopify websites makes it simple to come up with everything you need to run an online store, starting from homepage to product page. Its flexibility is exclusive and users get more features for way less click here to add product to Shopify