High-quality fencing for livestock

Fencing is not only a requirement in livestock keeping but also an essential element in livestock management. There is no worse nightmare for a farmer than to check on your livestock just to find them not where you last left them. Though fencing is a must-have, the quality of your fencing can either make or break your farming management and strategy.  

There are different methods and materials for installing your fence. Fence installation is rather complicated and it’s more than just digging a hole and erecting several poles. The farmer can choose from the various types of fences depending on his budget and purpose. You can consider the following types; 

  • Wood fence 
  • Barbed wire 
  • Woven wire 
  • High Tensile wire 
  • Synthetic fence 
  • Electric fence 

Importance of Fencing 

To operate your farm at an optimum level, it is vital to invest in quality fencing, for obvious reasons such as demarcating boundaries and security.  

  • Safety & Security  

High-quality fencing offers you a secure environment to contain your livestock. Livestock is vulnerable to theft and predators because they tend to always wander around unless they are contained in a perimeter. Once you have an enclosed area, you do not need to worry about your livestock safety.  

A fence offers protection to one’s personal property from animals and humans, only the farm owner and his family can have access to the area. In addition, fences restrict your sheep, goats, or cattle from accessing the cultivated field. Otherwise, the hungry livestock may damage the crops. 

  • Demarcating Boundaries 

Installing a fence around your property marks your property from your neighbors. Without fencing, it can be difficult to know your property lines, this may cause strife between the neighborhood and intruders may gain access to your farm. 

  • Livestock Management 

Stock management is an important aspect of farming. A fence provides a secure containment structure to monitor your livestock. A containment system combined with some farm practices that support stock management include; 

  1. Livestock control and less constant contact with the livestock by using the paddocking method for herding. 
  1. Effective disease control as the sick animal will be immediately isolated. 
  1. The breeding herd will be isolated from the nonbreeding herd. This will avoid the interbreeding of related animals. 
  1. Dividing the farm into several sections allows you to separate cultivated fields from livestock areas, and production areas from grazing space. This creates a flow of work for you and your employees. 
  • Aesthetic 

A skillfully installed fence creates not only a sense of privacy and security but also offers an appealing visual aspect to your property. No matter the size of your farm, aesthetically appealing fencing is necessary, and the fence erected should match your home style and theme.   

  • Resale 

A quality fence with all elements; appealing aesthetics, privacy aspects, high security, and great organization will greatly promote your home value. If you put up your home for sale, these aspects will increase the resale value of your property. Prospective buyers consider well-maintained fences of great value.  

Fencing can be a major expense to a farmer, it will cost you time and money. However, you can not afford to compromise on good quality. 

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