Viking arm is a unique tool that is of importance to different individuals because of its varied range of usefulness. Its attached features are the main reason why this tool is proven to be unique. The tool usefulness and workability is incomparable to any other tool made to be used in the same work. 


The Viking arm tool features and characteristics are as mentioned below; 

  • The tool is made of either stainless steel or aluminum that has been hardened to be in a position to accommodate any extreme pressure. 
  • Viking arm too has been modified with mounting holes which are intended for setting up the tool in a good working position to prevent any unnecessary motions and movements during operation. 
  • The tool can accommodate/compress materials within the range of between 6 and 215 mm. This is the standard stretch range on which the Viking arm tool can work within normal working situations. 
  • The tool has a standard base for support and mount positioning when working with the tool. This base approximates are quoted at 5 by105 by 87 mm. 
  • Also, the tool bases can be slightly varying whereby the optimal base of the tool is quoted with approximates of about 3 by 77 by 62 mm. This is the least base range of the tool. 
  • Viking has an average weight of about 1.4 kgs equivalence to 3.0 lb. 
  • The tools capacity weight is approximately in the range of 150 kg equivalence to 330b. 
  • This tool has been tested and approved by a Norway board of the standard company. Thus the tool meets all the required standards to be in the market window for sale to other individuals. 

Benefits of the Viking arm tool 

The Viking arm tool Oryx Tools Canada usability and features have brought about a positive impact among individuals using the tool. Some of the benefits of this tool include; 

Quality delivery 

The tool has been manufactured with respect to quality standards. So when using the tool, its workability meets all the standards required and its operations are completely optimal. 


The tool has been manufactured using quality materials hence in its operation, the tool is far much durable. 

Safe to use 

The tool has been designed to be in a position to prevent any accidental occurrences and also meet the quality standards of operation. 

Increase productivity rate 

The tool simplifies and makes work a bit easier and hence the production rate increases and thus it saves on time and resources. 

Outstanding capacity range 

The tools optimal and standard capacity of operations is exceptionally recognizable. It’s able to operate beyond expectations with a huge capacity range to accommodate more working materials and hence speed up operations. 

One of the most innovative tool solutions 

The tool features and workability proofs the magnificent work of innovation. The tools added features renders it more useful in many ways hence it’s termed as one of the most innovative solutions for a tool. 


The Viking arm tool is one of the most outstanding working tool solutions which has universal usefulness in different tasks. Its outstanding features complete its workability.