Procedures to follow in scissor lift Training

Scissor lift academy gives a safe and reliable platform for workers to perform their work effectively.There is need to provide safety training program for employees so that they can learn different types of dangers related to scissor lifts and what they need to do in order for them to remain safe while using them. 

Scissor lifts are work platforms which are  used to safely move workers vertically to different places in different industries or work places. They provide a convenience for employees by removing additional needs of scaffolding or ladders to perform different tasks. Scissor lift safety is important and it depends on equipment capabilities, limitations and safety of working places. Workers should be trained on the following areas, 

Using the scissor lift equipment safely 

Workers should be trained on the safety of the working sites, possible dangers in the workplace and how to protect themselves from such hazards.Use trained workers to operate scissor lift equipment. They should always follow manufacturer’s instructions when operating the equipment. 

Stability of the equipment 

Employers should avail stable equipment to their workers.There is need to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions when using the equipment.Work in the equipment during favorable weather conditions to minimize hazards.  

Positioning of the equipment 

It is important to put the equipment in the correct position to avoid accidents.Some of the common hazards which may occur due to poor positioning include, electrocution, thermal burns and arc flash.It is therefore key, for employers to ensure that their workers have acquired the required skills. 

Fall protection 

It is important to ensure that scissor lifts are fitted with guard rails.This prevents workers from falling while working in the equipment. Ensure that workers are trained on; 

  • Checking guard rail system 
  • The need to stand on work platforms and not on guard rails. 

Maintenance of scissor lifts 

Training workers on maintenance measures is important.This will ensure that the equipment are in good working condition and it will help to minimize hazards.The maintenance measures include; 

  • Inspection and testing of control components before use. 
  • Ensure that the guard rails system are working properly. 
  • Verify brakes to ensure that they are functioning well. 

Employers should therefore ensure that the equipment are well maintained and  in good working condition. 

Workers Training 

All workers should be trained  on hazards and safety of the equipment.The training program should cover; 

  • Worksite hazards such as contact with electric wires 
  • Manufacturer’s instructions on how to operate the equipment vertically and while working in transit 
  • Maintenance needs/reporting defect equipment. 


OSHA Standards 

All employers should comply with all the standards set by OSHA (29cfr) so that they can protect their workers from danger related to scissor lifts. 

Workers Rights 

All workers have rights to; 

  • Work in the conditions that do not endanger their lives 
  • Receive training and information on workplace dangers and injuries 
  • Review records on work related diseases and accidents 
  • File complains asking OSHA to check the status of their work place. 
  • Exercise their rights within the law without retaliation.